r/IBO Discord Server

Online Verification System


  1. Be respectful to other users and follow the Discord Community Guidelines. This means (but isn’t limited to):
    a) Don’t insult or attack others, whether directly or passive-aggressively.
    b) Don’t deliberately try to irritate, provoke, or 'rile up' others.
    c) Respect others’ privacy & personal space - don’t harass people by DMing, pinging, etc. them when they’ve asked you not to, and don’t share others’ private info without their consent.
  2. Discriminatory behavior and language (using slurs, derogatory attacks, posting hate symbols, etc.) is forbidden. This covers (but isn't limited to): racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, religious bigotry, and rape apologia.
  3. Be mindful of ongoing conversations. Don’t derail an existing conversation in a channel or unnecessarily spam messages (outside of #spam).
  4. NSFW content (as per Discord’s Code of Conduct, aka CoC) a) In non-NSFW channels: All non-academic, overt, or excessive mentions of sexual acts or graphic violence are forbidden.
    b) In NSFW channels: Discussion of sex, violence, etc. is allowed, but content that visually and explicitly displays sexual acts/organs or nudity isn’t.
    Pre-IBs, or anyone known by staff to be under 16, will not be allowed access to any NSFW channel.
  5. Academic dishonesty is strictly prohibited.
    Follow all IB academic integrity regulations (see this PDF) and those of other academic institutions where relevant. This means (but isn’t limited to):
    a) Don’t discuss any content from an official IB exam less than 24 hours after the exam took place (general comments on things like difficulty are okay).
    b) Don’t ask people to give you complete topics/ideas for coursework (IAs, EEs, etc.) or to help you write them (asking for help in developing an existing idea you have is okay).
  6. Don’t ping the staff team (@Staff) or the admins (@Admin) unless something urgent occurs that needs an immediate response from all online staff members (e.g. multiple organized trolls, a server raid, etc.). For less urgent issues, you can contact the staff team by DMing @Mod-Mail or any staff member.
  7. Backseat moderating (vigilante rule enforcement beyond simply quoting the rules) is forbidden. If you want staff to address something or disagree with the handling of an issue by the staff team as a whole, DM @Mod-Mail or any staff member.

    (Note: To complain about a specific moderator’s behavior, DM any admin; to complain about an admin’s behavior, DM the server owner, @kallak).
  8. As much as possible, stay on topic in the channel you are in. E.g. IB discussions in #ibtalk, programming in #programming, etc. Briefly drifting off-topic is okay, but please try your best not to, or to move to an appropriate channel. General conversations, or discussions of topics without their own channels, should go in #off-topic-1 and #off-topic-2.
  9. After asking an academic question in a subject channel, wait at least 15 minutes before pinging the subject helpers to ask them to help you. Our server helpers are volunteers who willingly give up their time to help here. They should be given respect and patience in return.
  10. Staff must approve all advertising (asking others to support/view/use anything) before posting. DM @Mod-Mail to request approval. Staff will judge requests using these guidelines. All ads must go in #community-adverts except if you have a good reason (see guidelines for more info).

    (If you’re just posting something without promoting it, e.g. posting a gaming video in #gaming without asking for likes/subs/views, you don’t need approval.)
  11. At least some of your display name (the name shown in chat when you send a message) must be typeable with a typical English keyboard, enough so that your user profile would appear if another user attempts to ping you by typing @[displayname] in chat. E.g. If your username is JohnSmith then 𝓙𝓸𝓱𝓷𝓢𝓶𝓲𝓽𝓱 wouldn’t be okay, but John𝓢𝓶𝓲𝓽𝓱 would be okay because your user profile would appear if someone typed @John.
  12. Follow all channel-specific guidelines outlined in a channel's pinned messages. Not all channels will have channel-specific guidelines, but the staff team may set such guidelines whenever & wherever necessary to best maintain the spirit/purpose of a channel.
  13. Piracy is strictly forbidden, as per the Discord Community Guidelines. Don't share or ask for any pirated resources or materials, or directly reference where one may find them illegally. This includes but isn't limited to: textbooks, past exam papers, paywalled journal articles, etc.
  14. As much as possible, use English for all conversations. (Obvious exceptions apply to academic conversations, e.g. in the Group 1/2 subject channels)
    While we wish we could allow more languages in more situations, it's much harder for us staff to enforce the rules with languages we don't speak.

By joining this server, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to follow all the above rules. The staff team will enforce these rules throughout all text and voice channels of the server as follows:
• 1st offenses → Warning from a staff member (unless the offense is particularly severe, e.g. academic dishonesty)

• Further offenses (or severe 1st offenses) → Kicks, mutes, or bans

• The more severe your offense/the more history you have of breaking the rules, the harsher your punishment (final decisions on punishments are at staff discretion)
NOTE: Even for further offenses, you may initially receive a verbal warning from a staff member to immediately let you know what you did was unacceptable, while the staff team discusses appropriate further punishment.

⚠️ You did not agree to the server rules!